Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Michael Lehane

Michael Lehane in Minor Row in Millstreet first saw light of day
But his life journey ended in Cardiff in Wales from his first home far away
Far from the streets where with his boyhood friends he played and he often walked up and down
His life's journey did take him far from Millstreet his Hometown

The youngest of the Lehane family of Minor Row where he lived as a boy
As a carefree youth of Millstreet Town his young years he did enjoy
Our youthful years go quickly by and we lose youthful elan
One who dies just beyond mid life does seem far from an old man

All who knew the young Michael Lehane him never could forget
I recall in the Square in Millstreet Town the last time him i met
A happy smile on his handsome young face it is sad to think the life from him has gone
But good memories of the good deceased in the living does live on

As a young man he left his first home in Minor Row he had dreams to pursue
I recall a carefree youth one kind of heart for to give him his due
Far from Millstreet the Town of his youth he lived his last night and day
He did not live to die as an old man and this does seem sad to say.

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