Friday, September 16, 2016

Kathleen Murphy

Her name was Kathleen Murphy before she became Brendan Murphy's wife
And in Millstreet in Duhallow she spent most of her life
A mother and grandmother though she was not old in years
And among her friends and family her passing did give rise to tears

I remember Kathleen Murphy when her hair was dark brown
One of the finest women east of old Millstreet Town
As the senior member of her family at Murphy family gatherings none to fill her place
And from Millstreet in Duhallow hers will be a missed face

Though it is a fact us humans are mortals and fact does never lie
It is a sad day for a family the day a mother die
She was a well loved person who did make many a friend
And so sad to learn of Kathleen that her life's journey did end

Suppose it is the fear of death that most people do fear
But every day we live to see to our last one more near
The fate of Kathleen Murphy becomes the fate of everyone some day
In St Mary's near where she used to live her last remains now lay

A beautiful looking woman when in her physical prime
Good memories of Kathleen Murphy will outlive this simple rhyme
Written in her honor hope from life hers was a painless release
A good and gracious person may she now rest in peace.

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