Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Desire For The Thing Known As Success

The desire for the thing known as success the ego seems to feed
Though it is not in everyone in many 'tis a need
For fame and recognition born of financial greed
And because of this Nature condemned to suffer does seem sad to say indeed.

By the workers for developers more trees have been cut down
For to build another factory on the industrial side of town
Rendering more creatures homeless 'tis a known fact and facts don't lie
That wild creatures without homes to live in are destined for to die.

If the trees that gives them shelter humans continue to destroy
There will not be any wild creatures left for future generations to enjoy
No wild birds and wild animals for to hear and to see
For future generations what a pity that would be.

The desire for the thing known as success with some an obsession
Of money and the material things in life they do yearn for possession
From Nature they take and they take and in return nothing to her they do give
And like 'tis said the children have to pay for the way the parents choose to live.

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