Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taken For Granted

Do you feel that you have been taken for granted this does happen to people every day
To be overlooked is not a pleasant feeling this would seem quite a  fair thing to say
When others see fit to treat you in such a manner it strips away from you some self esteem
When credit you feel you've  earned to you not given it can feel deflating or so it does seem
Everyday so many are taken for granted and used by others to seek their own gain
Why this should be ask someone other than me it is a strange creature the human brain
Everyone does need some reward for their effort but of recognition some often denied
By those who use them as a step ladder to self promotion the people who in honor take no pride
They use others and take  them for granted suppose they cannot help the way they are
Those who use others for self gain not a rare breed for to meet one you do not have to walk far
An honorable person never takes one for granted and to the higher self does remain true
Their sort never use others for their self gain and always give credit to where it is due
But as is said there are all sorts of people in the great race of humanity
And every day some are taken for granted this is how it is and it will always be.

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