Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peg Healy

Born and raised as Peg Lynch in Cullen in Duhallow
But in Murphy's Terrace in Millstreet she lived most of her life
She was a good mother to her very large family
And to Paddy Healy a devoted wife

Her family and her friends will surely grieve her passing
Though she must have been getting on in years
I reckon she must have been close to ninety
But she was one worthy of parting tears

A role model to her children and grandchildren
It was by good example she did lead
One more good person from Millstreet gone  forever
The notice of her passing it was sad to read

In Murphy's Terrace and the Town of Millstreet
For many years her's was a familiar face
Millstreet was far better for her living in it
And in her role in her family none for to take her place

I knew her in my younger years in Millstreet
To everyone there Peg Healy was well known
Her great claim to fame was to live as a good person
And  she was truly one of Millstreet's own

You can only do the best with the life you are given
This is how it is and it will always be
And Peg's life was a success she lived as a good person
As all who knew her surely would agree

The  longest lived human life in time is  not a long one
This is how it is and it has always been this way
Peg Healy may she rest in peace forever
By Cashman's Hill where her last remains does lay.

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