Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Star Ballroom

It has been close to if not four decades since people danced in Dominic Mac's Star Ballroom in time quite a span
This is going back the years to when i was a young man
The famed Star Club in Millstreet Town where love stories began
Time eventually strips everybody of youthful elan

Many of the young people back then are grandparents today
And some of them amongst life's departed forever at rest do lay
On Thursday they danced in the Star Ballroom in the  Town of Millstreet
Long before time took the spring out of their aging feet

The Star Ballroom in Millstreet is now a thing of the past
As is often said about life few things in time does last
And only the memories are ours for to retain
Of something that was but never will be again

Not all of the  love stories that began in Millstreet have withstood the test of time
Since people fall in and out of love often in their life's prime
And so many love stories known to end in tears
And all but fade  from the memory of the near forgotten years

In those who danced in the Star Ballroom till the small hours of Friday the memories live on
Of the era of the showband in a time that is forever gone
We do live in the now and the past it is  just a memory
Of a time that was and never more will be.

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