Friday, March 29, 2013

To Me Human Behavior

To me human behavior can be a hard to understand thing
So many people in the shower love to sing
But they would never sing in front of a crowd
By nerves to sing for an audience many people are cowed
So many do daydream of wealth and of fame
To be a wealthy and  renowned singer one with a great name
But before an audience for to sing most are too shy
Nerves and a lack of self confidence are the reasons why
So many can only sing in the shower and daydream every day
Of being renowned singers with millions of fans and known in Lands far away
But some never sing before an audience though their voices melodious and clear
Since stage fright it does seem is an unconquerable fear
The best they can do is  join in the pub sing along
And  whilst in the  shower burst into song.

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