Friday, March 29, 2013

You Like To Tell Me

You like to tell me of how marvelous you are
Of the size of your  house and  the size of your car
And of your  recent job promotion on your climb to material success
But your sort of stories me does not impress

Around town i believe the gossip is rife
That you beat your children and you beat your wife
But you say these are rumors and any truth in them deny
But why anyone should spread such rumors one must wonder why?

Your boasting of your material success does not impress me at all
As your worldly views to say the least seems small
You say that paupers for being as  they are have themselves for to blame
Though not one homeless person or pauper you know of by name

For to live as a good person you have yet to succeed
For to achieve this compassion and kindness are things you would need
And since you lack in these two it does seem sad to say
That you are only successful in a material way

Though the  rumors are rife you deny you beat your children and wife
And you boast to me of your materially successful life
But you are not compassionate or caring or kind
And to the hardships of the have nots you do seem quite blind.

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