Friday, March 13, 2015

I Only Pen Rhymes As A Hobby

I only pen rhymes as a hobby since i am a stranger to fame
And in death to me it will not matter if mine is a forgotten name
Wealth and fame is only of benefit to the living since the dead to all feelings are dead
It cannot be said of a dead person that success has gone to her or his head

I have been penning rhymes for a long time since the Fall of nineteen seventy three
What i write below criticism though this matters little to me
I will not be the first or the last one for to die without penning a memorable line
And what others think of me is their own business and their business cannot be mine

I only want to live for to be a better person since in me room for improvement indeed
To think less of me and more of others and help anyone of my helping in need
Any improvement in anyone as a person though it may seem to be quite small
Must surely be looked on as better than not any improvement at all

I used to love reading rhyme poems and old stories in my pre teen years as a boy
And now penning rhymes as a hobby is something i really enjoy
And perhaps i will carry on rhyming right up till the day i do die
If i did tell you any different i would only be telling a lie.

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