Monday, March 23, 2015

John Joe Tangney

John Joe Tangney as a young man was quick on his feet
And a star Gaelic Footballer for his Club of Millstreet
A hero of Millstreet's 1948 Cork County Senior Championship win for the famed green and gold
But time does tick on and great players grow old

Predeceased by the mother of his children Teresa his beautiful wife
He was one who did live a very long life
Of years he must have had lived a decade with four score
And for decades on Main Street Millstreet Town he owned a draper store

One who forged many friendships in his long life span
It can be said of John Joe that he was a nice man
One who never craved the social limelight though in Duhallow he was quite well known
He did have a quiet sort of charm of his own

In his words John Joe never put anyone down
A role model for many in Millstreet Town
The sad news of his passing has traveled far and wide
Beyond the borders of Duhallow's green countryside

In the old cemetery at Drishane his last remains lay
And for his passing Millstreet is the poorer today
But eventually time becomes everyone's foe
And may he rest in peace now the genial John Joe.

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