Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One More Wealthy Unhappy Old Fellow

He spends too much time worrying about and making money and too much time arguing with his aging cranky wife
And each dawn has him one day older and one day nearer to the end of his life
A wealthy man in assets and money but a rather poor man in his mind
One more wealthy unhappy old fellow and the World is not short of his kind

His daughter and son and their children thanks to him will never know of a poor day
They will enjoy spending his fortune when from life he has passed away
They might sob a bit at his funeral and by his grave shed a few tears
But they will have a good time spending the vast amounts of money he has amassed over the years

He could be enjoying life with his money instead of being burdened by care
The Reaper of Lives treats as equal the pauper and the billionaire
His wife of forty years in many ways not unlike him and many things in common they do share
But the love has gone out of their marriage and at each other they often do swear

He worries about the money markets and he worries that the economy is slowing
And he never seems to be happy his worries keep on growing and growing
A billionaire in his late sixties four decades past his physical prime
A bit sad to see him unhappy when he could be enjoying a good time

He never smiles or is heard laughing and for years he has lived this way
His money to him a huge worry and he will die of worry one day
He could be enjoying his vast fortune till the Reaper on his life has the say
But he never does seem for to realize that money is of no use to the dead where they lay.

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