Friday, March 20, 2015

Some People One Can Say

Some people one can say can be full of guile
She served me with what is known as a forced smile
She thanked me saying sir you do have a nice day
Without seeming genuine in any way
In her early twenties attractive and seemingly sweet
But her body language told of one not free of conceit
Though working for a living it does seem to me
That she is one who aspires to much better in a uni degree
She did seem quite snobbish in her tone of voice
Her present occupation perhaps not her long term choice
Her courteous manner to the customers comes from managerial advice
And staff to the customer told to be nice
For anytime i do meet her on the street
She behaves as if me she does not wish to meet
To her a few times i did wish a good day
But in silence she passed without once looking my way.

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