Monday, March 30, 2015

The Man Who Feared Death

The battle is over the war heroes are dead
And of how brave that they were in books we have read
But the army deserter is living today
And by all accounts for himself he is doing okay

With two teenage daughters and a beautiful wife
He lives far from his home Country happy in his life
Where nobody knows or care that from the battle he ran
Perhaps he will die peacefully in his sleep as a very old man

Many of his army comrades in Mother Earth lay
For their fame as dead heroes with their lives they did pay
But he is living and happy thanks mainly to fear
Their praises when sung dead heroes do not hear

The battle long over the fighting is done
and the aging mother grieves for her dead son
But he is happy and living the man who feared death
And it will not be of a bullet wound he will draw his last breath.

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