Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Political Blame Game Goes on

The political blame game goes on in parliament every day
Where the government party members and opposition party members of each other kind things very seldom do say
For the Country and it's people they try to give the impression they do care
But the caring politicians to say the least are very rare
Since they are lagging behind the opposition in the political opinion polls of late
The government parties have little for to celebrate
For this some members of his party on the Prime Minister put most of the blame
But to take him on in a vote for leadership thus far none to try not game
Where truthfulness and honor seems hard to be found
In politics even between members of the one party mistrust does abound
Some of his own party want to dump the Prime Minister since in the political opinion polls he is not doing well
How long more can he last in the top job only time can tell
Since many of them are untrustworthy why even pretend
Some politicians even in their own parties do not have a friend.

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