Monday, March 30, 2015

The President Loved By Many

The President loved by many was buried today
His casket carried by trailer through the streets in a tearful public display
By many of the people watching from the crowded pavements as the cortege went by
Tears for one many of them had never even spoken to one does wonder why
People weep for one they do not even know who died as an old man
And who had lived a glorious and a very successful life span
But the hero to many is not a hero to all
Some admired political leaders in some of their ways can be small
And though the praises of their so called former great leader the majority may sing
He did not believe in the most important human right and this is a sad thing
And though they weep for a man they did not even know
Any compassion for condemned people he never did show
Because of it's Government poor human rights the consequences they must face
And he is the one responsible that in his Country the death penalty is in place.

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