Monday, March 9, 2015

There Is No Guarantee

A man in his mid twenties with plenty of time on his side
In love and about to make the woman he loved his young bride
In his physical prime and feeling fit and well
In decades from now to his grandchildren he would have good stories to tell
Of his happy young years and of his carefree life
Spent with their lovely grandmother his childhood sweetheart and wife
How great to be young and in love and carefree
And as happy and healthy as one could wish for to be
After work as he drove to his home in the twilight gray
The Reaper of Lives from him did seem decades away
But a truck overtaking a car carrying a full load
Met him at a bend on the wrong side of the road
Today he was put to ground in the town cemetery
Which goes to prove that in the length of one's life there is no guarantee.

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