Saturday, April 9, 2016

Behind Every Dark Cloud

Financially you may be in quite poor shape and feeling down and close to counted out
And believing that the whole World is against you and you are one who is being racked by self doubt
And you hold out little hope for a bright future your mind clouded with the black moods of despair
Of late you have reason to feel unhappy as is said of life it is not always fair
The factory you worked in recently went into liquidation and the receivers closed the business down
With a home mortgage to pay and a wife and two young children to support you are one of many looking for work in the town
Of late you have had your moments of feeling suicidal the better days you do believe are gone
But the tiny voice in your mind urge you to hang in there and through the hard times keep on keeping on
Where there is life there is hope and hope springs eternal i only quote what the wise person say
And times for you they only can get better and from you may not be that far away
Being out of work in a time of high unemployment it is never easy so many for every job start compete
You need a better income than unemployment benefits your toughest challenge in life you do meet
Financially you find yourself in trouble with a family to support and a home Mortgage to pay
But behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining and the lady of luck may soon smile your way.

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