Saturday, April 30, 2016

I Am Surrounded

I am surrounded by many high achievers them i do see every day
Professionals quite well educated who are well rewarded in pay
In pairs or alone or in small groups they pass me without looking with my type they do not fraternize
To them dress wise i look quite different each to their own i have come to realize
In reality we all are equal since we are born for to die one day
But some feel they are better than some others they see life in a different way
Though many professional well educated people are quite nice and say hello to every stranger they meet
But even in every box of ripe eating apples there are always some than others less sweet
Like is said take people as you find them with such a saying i can only agree
I do leave them to their own small world those who feel they are better than me
I feel no desire to be part of their circle since me they do choose to ignore
Birds of a feather mostly flock together this one you would have heard of before
One should not look up to or look down on anybody and try to treat everyone as the same
Or never be rude or offensive or call anyone out of name.

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