Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Of The Wise As Leaders

I am not saying anything that happens to be new
When i say the wise of the World are only in the few
Of the famous and wealthy we hear of and read
Though it is not the purest of lives that most of them lead
If only wise people were in positions of political power how great this would be
Of corruption and nepotism in politics we would be free
We would not have wars for religion or natural assets or land
Many powerful leaders this simple thing known as dialogue do not understand
A wise person i do not happen to meet every day
In fact i have not known of many in truth i can say
To meet a wise person is like a rare find
Though no shortage of the arrogant and self centered kind
In a Human World that is ruled by power hungry people of greed
Of the wise as leaders we are badly in need.

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