Friday, April 1, 2016

The People Have Spoken

Wise words that come to us from the days of old
The people have spoken as we have been told
A government to power has been voted in
And the wealthy grow wealthier and the poor never win

The votes have been counted the winners and their supporters celebrate
And life at present for them it is great
But not every one the praises of the winners do sing
And that the poor remain poor is such a sad thing

The people have spoken some shouting hooray
Those who in their votes have got their own way
But life goes on as usual in the big town
And no cause for joy among the financially down

The people have spoken their votes for their thoughts speak
We have strengthened the wealthy and weakened the weak
The president of the Country is a billionaire
For those doing it tough is not for us to care

The people have spoken and life does go on
And at midnight this evening today will be gone
And many must lose for a few for to gain
A mere fact of life that with us does remain.

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