Thursday, April 14, 2016

Unearned Titles

Thousands of people are born to life every day
And thousands do die some not in the natural way
And though the praises of the royals the impressionable may sing
It is by chance of birth the first child of the monarch is born to be queen or king
The monarchs did not earn their titles it is only theirs by chance
As their gift of life came to them due to birth circumstance
They have unearned titles of them one can say
Those born into so called royalty in the Human World of today
God save the monarch will never be my favorite song
But it is each to their own in case you get me wrong
But since i refuse to be one of the large numbers who helps for to create class and rank
The royals for their titles do not have me for to thank
But i do not dislike royals or royalists i will have it be known
With me it is live and let live and to each their own.

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