Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why Be Tight With Your Money

Time does tick on as the wise one has said
Why be tight with your money you will be forever dead
To a dead one it is a useless tag of renown
To be remembered as one of the wealthy deceased of the town
Your physical best years in the long forever gone
And the clock on your life it does keep ticking on
Whether you are buried or cremated will not matter to you anyway
Money you will not need when you have lived your last night and day
You may be missed for awhile by your children and wife
But with the wealth you have accumulated they will have a good life
Your material possessions and your money in death with you will not stay
And the clock on your life does keep ticking away
Wealthy and tight with your cash your kind are not rare
Though money is of no use to the dead millionaire.

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