Monday, October 13, 2014

On The Removal Of Trees In Millstreet Town Park

On his well written article on the removal of trees in Millstreet Town Park at the West End
Matt Murphy to Nature has proved himself a good friend
He may have made a few enemies in his truthful words though friends he too has won
His late mother and father in him raised a brave son

Though the trees have been removed and protest seems all too late
The people of Millstreet in this have nothing to celebrate
And though i have not been in the Millstreet Town Park for many a day
As far as i remember the trees there did not interfere with the activities in the playing pitch in any sort of a way

Too late now for to be pointing the finger of blame
Though the removal of trees from any Town Park is an environmental shame
In Millstreet Town park less birds now for to sing
It used to be a place of birdsong in the Spring

Before sport in the World there were bushes and trees
And the songs of the wild birds carried in the breeze
But due to destruction of habitat many species of wildlife becoming rare
The World nowadays badly in need of more of the environmentally aware

Far too much habitat for wildlife by us humans has been needlessly destroyed
For far too long this has been happening Worldwide
In that i was once a tree clearer myself i take no pride at all
There were bushes and trees and birds and animals in Ireland long before there was Hurling and Gaelic Football.

It takes thirty years for a seedling to grow into a young tree
This is quite a long time would you not agree
Without trees for to nest in and roost on there will not be birds for to sing
Is Millstreet Town Park near it's first silent Spring?

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