Thursday, October 22, 2015

For Their Spot In Heaven

That some people have strange religious beliefs one cannot deny
People kill other people for their god in the sky
For their spot in heaven when their body does die
Moses fifth commandment to them is a lie

In compassion and empathy they surely do lack
A life can be easily taken but cannot be given back
The god they believe in has to be a cruel god indeed
Of their sort of god humanity is not in need

They do not believe on live and let live
To the relatives of the innocent lives they do take only sorrow they do give
Whoever convinced them for murder they would be rewarded in heaven them surely did deceive
Though bigger fools them such falsehoods to believe

The people who wish on all people different to them ill
For their god they do die others for to kill
These murderous fundamentalist must not be right in the head
For to leave so many innocent people maimed and dead.

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