Saturday, October 31, 2015

Maurlene Buckley

With her husband Denis she raised their children in their home in Millstreet's Town Hill
In memory time often does seem to stand still
Maurlene O'Flynn Buckley was one of Duhallow's finest when i was very young
The praises of a woman of such rare beauty deserves to be sung
Since the Buckleys lived on the Millstreet Town Hill many years have gone by
And on looking back the Seasons time does seem to fly
The Buckleys on the Town Hill of Millstreet did not stay
Suppose in all of our lives destiny does have some say
Time has brought change to Millstreet many that i knew there
Have followed their dreams and are growing old elsewhere
A beauty of Millstreet of a by gone day
So sad to learn of the news that from life she has passed away
She lived to a great age hope she died free of pain
And good mental images of her remain.

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