Saturday, October 3, 2015

Unlike The Favorite Dog In The Race

Bumped at the last bend and run out of a place
The favorite dog always does not win the race
Human life is like the dog race one thing you do need
And this is luck on your side for you to succeed
For if it is not your day and your luck is not in
Then like the unlucky favorite dog it is not your turn for to win
Due to a lack of luck great dreams have been destroyed
For to succeed in life you need it on your side
Yesterday's poor man is ten times a millionaire today
For last night the lady of luck she was smiling his way
His jackpot lotto win made him an instant millionaire
He can buy a new home and car for his wife and young family with millions in money to spare
Unlike the favorite dog in the race who was bumped at the bend
On his life changing night luck was his greatest friend.

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