Thursday, May 19, 2016

It Is People Who Kill People

Of respect he may not be worthy but respect he command
The fellow who does have a gun in his hand
With the trigger unlocked and the barrel pointing towards your head
One word of disrespect at such a moment could leave you as dead
It is people who kill people though guns they do blame
In the wrong hands guns are deadly weapons of them for want of a better name
Those who use guns in robberies with little provocation do kill
With a loaded gun pointed at you try to stay calm and be still
People with guns do murder people every day
That such people see human life as worthless seems such a sad thing for to say
In Countries in guns where there is no Government control
Mass deaths by shootings is taking it's toll
But for the murdering of people guns are not to blame
The people who use them to kill they must live with their shame.

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