Friday, May 27, 2016

Many People Are Worried

Many people are worried of their public esteem
What others think or say of them important to them it does seem
Suppose to like to be liked is a natural thing
It is nice when others your praises do sing

But should it be that important to us anyway
What other people of us think or say
Some who were quite wealthy and knew of great fame
Were far from good people and died a death of shame

A lack of public esteem to some a dent to their pride
Such things are born of conceit and vanity and to the ego are tied
The more egotistical sort on praise do seem to thrive
Though we all do need some ego in the World to survive

Every day for this thing known as success people do compete
And in many success gives rise to self conceit
So many do crave for success and fame
Though some wealthy and famous people are known to have died in shame.

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