Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Life's Journey For Me

The life's journey for me it has been uphill
And many look on me as a bit of a dill
For without monetary reward penning slipshod rhyme
Which to most people does seem a huge waste of time

So many in the World of today to money can only relate
And to those of affluence look up to and celebrate
For any task they perform money they demand
And those who do things for enjoyment they do not understand

I am one of many who live in a cocoon of self doubt
Of rhyming and rhyme to others i do not talk about
If you talk about rhyming to them most people look at you in a strange way
Their body language tell you what in words they do not say

Some four decades of years past my physical prime
If i was interested in making money i would not be penning rhyme
But it is something i enjoy doing the reason i write rhymes every day
And what i enjoy doing why should i give away.

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