Tuesday, May 24, 2016

To Anyone Who Call Me A Dreamer

To anyone who call me a dreamer i always say thank you
To me this is a compliment though my dreams for me do not come true
Though to be called a dreamer mostly meant for those in or near poverty
It does seem a compliment when said to me
For dreamers of all sorts in the World we do need
Without them humanity would be poorer indeed
When all hope of success out of your life has gone
The dream for years you have nurtured makes you want to live on
At your darkest moments your dreams keep you alive
In hope of achieving what you yearn for the hard times you survive
Everybody has some dream in life to pursue
Though not many dreams are known for to come true
If somebody calls you a dreamer to them you should say
Thank you very much for helping to make my day.

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