Monday, May 30, 2016

Young Zino

Young Zino is a cocky sort his ego quite inflated
A know it all in his own mind as well as opinionated
He believes he is god's gift to women though his latest girlfriend Rina sent him packing
She found him overbearing and in humility sadly lacking
He boasts he will become a famous man well known and very wealthy
He loves himself that bit too much and this for the mind not healthy
Not the young female pin up man of the town though in the pride stakes he is the proudest
And at the local pub on a Saturday evening his voice always the loudest
It truly can be said of Zino for drinking alcohol and boasting
That he does not need the praises of anyone since himself he is always toasting
On self promotion it does seem on talking of self so much time invested
On self alone it is obvious that Zino is only interested
It surely can be said of him that by himself he is grossly overrated
Which is not uncommon among those with egos quite inflated.

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