Friday, December 30, 2016

Killarney Of The Moyne Shire

On Killarney beach in the Moyne Shire white waves lap on the sandy shore
A beautiful place for to visit and linger there for an hour or more
At least twelve kilometers from the City of Warrnambool and seven to eight from Port Fairy Town
Of the coastal lands of south western Victoria one can say a gem in the crown

A place that has not changed much over time from the high ground overlooking the sea
Miles all around of open ocean as far as the eyes can see
Scenic ocean views that Australia's first people would have looked on centuries ago
It can be said of the Pacific views in Killarney that change has not become the foe

I do love to visit Killarney it is such a beautiful place
Sacred to the descendants of the Gundigtmara south western Victoria's first race
Their legends and stories preempt written history and their links to Killarney remain strong
Their ancestors did never lay claim to land ownership since to the land they felt they belong

I do love to visit Killarney where the sea views are of beauty rare
With the best coastal views of Australia a place that is one to compare
The sea views from the high ground quite amazing in a place that cannot have changed much over time
It has inspired many an artist and the writers of song, story and rhyme.

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