Thursday, December 8, 2016

It Has Been A While Since I Walked By Finnow

It has been a while since i walked by Finnow
And in a rushy field heard the soft lowing of a cow
After sundown in the twilight of the day
In the prime of the Spring on an evening in May

It has been a while near the Town of Millstreet
That i walked in the field where the waterways meet
And heard dark brown water bird dipper with breast white as snow
Singing his scratchy song where the river rapids did flow

It has been a while since in Millstreet Town
On familiar streets i walked up and down
Where many i knew bid me a good day
All i retain are memories of that Town far away

It has been a while ten years with a score
Since i stood on the heights of old Claramore
And admired the beautiful views that stretch far and wide
Of the Cork and Kerry border countryside

Though the fields of Claraghatlea i may never more see
In fancy i often visit scenes once familiar to me
And only the memories i have to retain
Of what used to be for me but may not be again.

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