Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Mushera Christmas Morning Climbers

People from Aubane and other parts of Millstreet Parish on the morning of Christmas Day
Climb to the summit of Mushera Mountain quite a daunting task one has to say
For those who sponsor them for their favorite charity for this credit in heaps they are due
To climb Mushera in the depths of Winter to a cause one would have to be true

On Christmas morning no matter what the weather they scale the heights of Mushera hill
It may be frosty, raining or snowing or the gale force winds blowing a cold chill
The Mushera Christmas morning climbers some of them years ago were young
For their courage they are well worth admiring and their praises deserve to be sung

For a better World for to live in they are helping for to sow the seed
For to climb Mushera in late December they would have to be a hardy breed
Such an act not for the faint hearted they have to be quite brave indeed
And selfless in their ways of thinking the Human World of more of their sort is in need

They climb Mushera on Christmas morning boys and girls, men and women young and old
Through the knee high wet bracken they climb to the mountain summit in weather frosty, windy, wet or cold
For to raise money for charity they are brave and selfless in thinking of those in need of help on Christmas Day
This is something that not everyone would do and this is only too true for to say.

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