Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nothing To Smile About

For you and your fellow workers it has not been a good day
The company head director has given an ultimatum to all company employees to take a cut in pay
For if not his business he will be closing down
And little prospect of a new job start in a high unemployment town
The company's annual profit a bit down this year
And the company director he has made it quite clear
That if to a weekly wage pay cut they did not agree
They would no longer be working for his company
And of course to a cut in pay they agreed to since jobs are so few
That bosses hold all of the aces is not anything new
With a wife and three young children to support he must accept a cut in pay
No other option for him it does seem this way
Of his ultimatum to them the boss did not leave the workers in any doubt
For him not a good day and nothing to smile about.

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