Monday, December 19, 2016

On Hearing A Gray Shrike Thrush

Once seen and once heard his kind you cannot get wrong
The male gray shrike thrush has a beautiful whistling song
Mostly gray brown medium sized birds they range far and wide
Where trees are abundant in the Australian countryside
To most country people their whistling songs are well known
The gray shrikes thrushes are birds who have ways of their own
To equal them as Nature's songsters not many one could name
And compared to most other species of birds they do seem rather tame
They are not that plentiful not a common sight
And tame in their ways they allow you to get close to them before taking to flight
These marvelous feathered songsters of brown and gray
Are birds i see often though not every day
On a sunlit young tree to where i am standing near
The beautiful whistling song of a male gray shrike thrush i hear.

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