Sunday, December 18, 2016

Raining In Castlemaine

In the old former gold mining town known as Castlemaine
The people who live there always welcome the rain
In Castlemaine and all over central Victoria the climate mostly dry
And that rain is always welcome there this the reason why
The street drains are swollen in flood waters of brown
Flowing to Campbells creek near Castlemaine Town
In dry central Victoria every rainy day people celebrate
The natural green beauty that rain does create
For it's old buildings and people with a charm of it's own
And it's strong links to a gold mining history Castlemaine is widely known
In the dry diggings evidence of a gold mining past does abound
Surrounded by mounds of shale and clay many holes in the ground
And in the dry country people always welcome the rain
Today is a good day for old Castlemaine.

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