Friday, December 16, 2016

Since Money Only Matter

Since money only matter how poor humanity
In a World where at least a billion people do only know of poverty
And where the World money markets are controlled by the super wealthy few
That the underprivileged are many is not saying anything new

Far too many hungry, homeless and stateless people in life doing it tough
And far too many battling for survival and living and sleeping rough
It is true that wealth and poverty comes in varying degrees
But tell this to the homeless and the stateless refugees

The wealthy of their fame and material successes can well afford to boast
And in war and acts of terrorism it is the poor who suffer most
In a Human World where many grow poorer for every new millionaire
It is only for the minority that life must seem fair

In a Human World where money only matters it does seem sad to say
That millions of people are homeless and hungry and many are getting poorer by the day
For every winner there are many losers humanity is structured this way
And sadly the working poor must keep working for poverty existence pay

In a Human World where money only matters millions of people with life struggling to cope
With their poverty existence and a future without hope
Of knowing of a better lifestyle how sad life for them must be
Compared to many i feel lucky since they are far worse off than me.

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