Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Man Who Does Speak Everything He Does Think

Sometimes there is a lot being said, without a word being spoken 'Ross Altmann'

He raises the frustration in others right to the brink
The man who does speak everything he does think
Though he insults people he converse with every day
He just cannot help it for this is his way
The thought process in his brain short circuiting it does seem
And this is detrimental to his public esteem
For he insults people without realizing that some of his words do offend
One who can easily make an enemy out of a would be friend
In his words he never does seem very kind
The fellow who is always speaking his mind
One can say of him he lacks in common sense
And some of his words does cause offense
Quite honest with his feelings and as a person but honesty can often come at a price
Since some of the things that he does say are not very nice.

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