Friday, December 23, 2016

Where Is Dan Tehan Today

The pro refugee activists out side of his office on Kepler St does sing and music play
Where is our Government Minister Dan Tehan today
He is not in his Warrnambool office where carol singers sing on the street
Suppose to him there are far more important people than their sort to meet

Scared of what the majority of his constituents might think of him or of him say
No votes for him on talking to pro refugee activists so from them he keeps away
Dan Tehan who when talking of a fair go does not mean a fair go for all
When it comes to human rights he is one with power who in his ways seem small

The Australian Government and their main Opposition Party humanity fail
Good people seeking refuge from torture by them treated far worse than the worst criminals in any Australian jail
In Australian run overseas detention centers they have spent years of time
For wanting a safer life this is their only crime

As a politician afflicted by voter dread he is not on his own
And as one who stands for human rights he will never be known
Among his impressionable voters he may be a popular man
But it does seem to me that Dan is only for Dan

Some of his constituents who sang carols for refugees outside of his office on Warrnambool's Kepler Street
Government Minister and M P Dan Tehan them did not come to meet
Perhaps for the day he choose to be elsewhere
Big noting himself in the big World out there.

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