Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why In The Human World

Why in the Human World there are winners and losers one must wonder why
And a fair go to some only seems to apply
Yes a fair go is something that does not apply to all
In a Human World where success to one can come at the expense of someone else's downfall
With some their love of humanity in love of self end
Only for the reason of personal gain others they do befriend
Call this narcissism or greed or call it what you may
It is thinking gone wrong in some sort of a way
Though i like egalitarian people for to give them their due
They believe all people are equal but in reality this is not true
Though of more egalitarians in the World of we are in need
For to counteract the selfishness of human greed
And though losing is a thing that most people would not choose
For one for to win others have to lose.

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