Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why Many Working Class People

Why many working class people vote into power as the Government leader a known multi millionaire
Someone with them who in common anything does not share
Is something beyond me for to understand
Suppose to some people large amounts of money means success and respect does command
So many look up to every famed celebrity
And why this may be so ask one other than me
Since in most wealthy and famous people only self conceit i see
But then suppose we all look at things in our ways differently
Perhaps me a scribbler of doggerel rhyme
My thinking like my way of writing is of a long gone time
I am one who cannot admire the egotistical heroes and heroines of the town
who compete with each other in their climb to renown
Yet i cannot understand why people elect as their political leader a known multi millionaire
One who in common with them does not have anything for to share.

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