Monday, June 12, 2017

Freddy Joe

Though one i see often not many of him does know
Yet my respect and admiration for him it only does grow
This frail octogenarian his hair silver gray
His terrible past is still with him and till death with him will stay

His father and mother died when he was a baby boy
And his younger years spent in an orphanage brought to him no joy
As a ten year old his unhappiness in life for him began
When he was sexually abused by a so called devout clergyman

This sexual predator robbed him of any happiness in life
He has grown old without any children or a partner or a wife
The biological clock on his life as ever ticking fast
And all he has left are the bad memories of his terrible past

He found comfort in alcohol to ease his mental woe
Any happiness in life for him was not meant to be so
All because of a bad person who a false public image did portray
One who took his secrets to the grave with him and for them was not made to pay

The tragic story of his life to me in tears he told
When out walking always on his own he looks so frail and old
His past will haunt him to his grave from him it will not go away
All because of one very bad human being this is so sad to say

An octogenarian victim as a boy of evil crime and sin
Of an opportunistic predator masquerading as a man of god who did not have his god within
Still haunted by the awful crimes committed against him from many years ago
That ruined any chance of a happy life for poor sad Freddy Joe.

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