Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tadgh Crowley

Tadgh Crowley lived in Drishane for most of his long life
Where he raised his children with Kathleen his devoted wife
One who did work hard and lived in the honest way
Of him anyone who knew him did not have any unkind things to say

In his lifetime any harm to anyone he never done
His mother and father in him raised a good son
He had been part of Millstreet for so many years
Where his passing from life would not have gone without tears

Sad to learn the life's journey has come to an end
Of one who in his lifetime made many a friend
The Crowley family strong links to Drishane can trace
Gone from old Duhalow another known and loved face

So many years of memories Tadgh Crowley did span
In Drishane where from a boy he grew into a man
One can say of him that he was Millstreet's own
He will be missed from the Parish where he was well known

Not far from the spot where he first saw light of day
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's the last remains lay
Of Tadgh Crowley the good man may he rest in peace
Hope his parting from life was a painless release.

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