Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It Has Been

It has been thousands of centuries since our ancestors climbed down off of the trees
And over centuries we have been learning by degrees
In the late twentieth and early twenty first century major human advancement in science and technology
But despite all of this millions of people remain in dire poverty
And since education cannot be the cause of this it has to be of human greed
So many very wealthy people unwilling to share with those in financial need
In third World Countries of hunger and in wars and acts of terrorism people dying every day
That greed seems to breed more greed it does seem this way
With the increase in the human population many are living in their Earthly Hell
And many with only sad stories of their lives for to tell
Some lessons from past human history many tend to ignore
Love, generosity and compassion in the thinking of many is not to the fore
The human advancement in science, chemistry and technology amazing true to say
But people are dying in wars and terrorism and of malnutrition in the World today.

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