Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kanturk In Duhallow

Kanturk in Duhallow a County Cork Town
For it's famed Gaelic footballers and hurlers a place of renown
The home of Edel Quinn a great person her name lives on in time
She has been the subject of story and rhyme
Where on towards the Blackwater winding it's way
Old Allow the river babbles night and day
The people to and from life come and go but the waterways flow
From their source at the foothills where the bracken does grow
For it's hospitable people it is widely known
Kanturk in Duhallow with a charm of it's own
It has been more than thirty years since i was last there
Before my journey far south did take me to elsewhere
But despite the Seasons of absence the good memories with me remain
Of a Town in Duhallow i would love to visit again.

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