Thursday, June 22, 2017

Until The Day I Do Die

Far north of this countryside near Warrnambool
As a boy of the fifties i went to primary school
On looking back the Seasons it seems long ago
And time that rusts iron has since become my foe

A reluctant school-goer school was not for me
My sort never achieve a uni or college degree
But my great joy in life is i discovered rhyme
I have been doing it now for more than four decades of time

I wrote my first rhymes from where i now live far away
And i add to my growing numbers of them every day
I used to love reading them as a boy
And writing them for me a great source of joy

In nineteen seventy three at twenty seven going back in time quite a span
As a man of rhyme my rhyming journey for me began
I love writing rhyme to say different would be a lie
And i hope to be doing it until the day i do die.

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