Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What You Put Into Life

What you put into life in return you receive
A saying that so many on seem to believe
But of the truth on this i for one just cannot say
Since many hard working people i know of are quite poor today
Good people who live in an honorable way
Makes me wonder at times does honesty pay?
Many who become financially very wealthy out of the labor of others for themselves are doing quite well
They pay their workers low wages whilst their products at a huge profit they do sell
From the hard work of their employees they are enjoying the good life
The wealthy business man live in a big uptown house with his family and wife
Whilst his workers are struggling just to make ends meet
They are among the poor people of their street
Whilst their employers in top restaurants dine and socialize
What we put into life in return we receive to some doubt does give rise.

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