Monday, June 5, 2017

Whenever I Do See Ann

Whenever i do see Ann she is always on her own
Since her long time partner Jimmy last year passed away only sadness she has known
Sixty years together in time so many years
Her grief at his passing has not been healed by tears

Since she never had children he was her truest friend
But all good times as is said eventually do end
Never officially married though they lived as man and wife
They loved each other truly and their love was for life

Ann is not a vain person her shoulder length hair is gray
She does not use dyes or makeup aging in the natural way
But for one in her eighties quite attractive one can say
She must have been a beauty way back in her prime day

She has a sad look on her face and looks do seldom lie
Perhaps grief will be with her until the day she die
Jimmy died suddenly of a heart attack Ann still grieves at her loss
Though few ever do go through life without having to bear some cross

In the cemetery a half a kilometer from where she live her soulmate is today
Twice a week she visits his grave fresh flowers on it to lay
Though never officially married they lived as man and wife
And they loved each other truly their love it was for life.

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