Monday, May 2, 2011

John Kelleher

It has been some fifty years ago in time a lengthy span
Since John Kelleher played gaelic football for Millstreet when he was a young man
One of the famed footballing 'Brokers' they were known far and wide
Far beyond the Town of Millstreet and Duhallow's countryside
A brother of the renowned Denis Toots Kelleher 'Big Tom ' was John's nickname
Though i have never come to know of how his alias to him came
In his prime a handsome fellow athletic and tall
And for his Club Millstreet a stalwart defender in gaelic football
He owned and drove his own cattle transporting truck one of the self employed
And with his wife and family in Minor Row a long life he enjoyed
One well liked and respected with him he had a nice way
His kind a dying breed in the World of today
With himself and others one who lived in peace
And hope his parting from life was a painless release.

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